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Google AdWords Quality Score

Real Estate Agents should pay close attention to the suggested methodologies Google urge web designers and advertisers to employ. Google invest…

Google Adwords, Quality Score

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Sensis Changing Tactics Again

In a never say die attitude Sensis are changing their online strategy again. Late last year they virtually abandoned their…

Ebay, Sensis, Trading Post, White Pages, Yellow Pages

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Dust off those old dotcom domains

Registering and using multiple domains names was strategy used by many as a great tool for building your business and creating…

Google, Real Estate, Search

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Is real estate’s mobile tipping point about to arrive?

People really don’t want to look for property on a pain-in-the-neck mobile device with poor usability, difficult buttons, a small screen…


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Google Street View for Australia

Google has just announced that it will be bringing its ” Street View” images to Australia with images captured over the…

Google Maps, Google Street View

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Google Talks Real Estate

Interview with Google Business Development ‘Real Estate” Justin McCarthy. “We prefer to look at this data as through organic search, we…

Google Real Estate

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Google Search Implements New Features

In what is a sign of things to come in real estate Google continues to add new features to search results…


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Fairfax Courts Google

In a new agreement with Google, Fairfax will use Google Adwords across its network of websites including Google Maps with a…

Fairfax, Google

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Google Buys REA – Yes an April Fools Joke!

Earlier today I posted that News Ltd had sold its stake in Google. Well I spoke to some people at REA…

April Fools, Google, REA

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Get on Google Maps!

In the past 18 months we have seen many of the large players trying to get into the local business directory…

Google Maps

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Getting ready for Google Base!

Without a doubt Google will soon be launching Google Base in Australia, a FREE classifieds site that will hurt sites like…

Google Base

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Research your Website in major Search Engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN

Here are some quick links to finding out the popularity of your website (and your competitors) in Google! Link Popularity: Not…

Google, MSN, Yahoo

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Local Search a wait and see proposition

I would like to thank all of the following sites for boring me to death with their ‘new innovative offerings’. My…

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Adding your site to MSN Search

Microsoft through its search engine have been playing catch up lately and have released a new search service. This is gaining…

MSN Search

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Adding your site to Yahoo

To submit your site to Yahoo you will need to register with them first. It is a fairly straight forward process….

Yahoo Search

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Adding your site to Sensis Search

Sensis, since its million$ launch last year has hardly made an impact on the search engine landscape. However you still should…

Sensis Search

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Why your site might NOT be listed in Google

There are a number of reasons why your site may not be listed. The Google website explains why this may be…

Google Search

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Getting the Basics of your site right for Google

As just about every single Agents website is set up completely wrong in relation to optimisation for indexing your website in…

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Microsoft to Launch Paid Search Advertising

Microsoft is set to launch an online advertising program this week. The new search products are designed to challenge search engine…

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Google – The Allegra Update

Google is the King of Search and every now and then creates an update to its algorithms that determines how results…

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Getting your site right for Google

Despite what your web developer may tell you, there are no sure fire ways of getting to number one in Google….

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Is Sensis Search a Complete DUD?

Ok it has been 7 months since the launch of the Sensis Search Engine and I have to say it has…

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Why Dynamic Meta Tagging Helps Page Ranking in Google/MSN

Dynamic meta tagging is the best way to index all of your pages, including all of your listings and the most…

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Microsoft Releases New Search Engine

Google may be the undisputed leader when it comes to Internet search but it now has some fierce competition from who…

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