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New iPhone will be powerful and fun real estate platform–see the video now

I’ve written about the iPhone on this blog before, but the thing just keeps getting better. The new model released this…

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The Rise of the Virtual Real Estate Agent

In the comments to my 30 May 2008 post on the rise of the American virtual real estate agent, there was…

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Cloud Computing Ideal For New Real Estate Offices

Cloud Computing is a trendy name for when you use your internet connection to connect to applications running on the web…

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When the web goes down

On this blog we are talk an awful lot about online real estate marketing, but what happens when…the web goes down?…

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Google Adds Real Estate Search to Maps

Google (in the US of A) have added Google Real Estate Search to their Google Maps application. Now you can search…

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Why the best Australian real estate agents might just be in San Francisco this July

Joel Burslem’s opinion carries a lot of weight with me because I’ve seen how smart his real estate technology blog, future…

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Real estate technology linkage

Here is a handful of recent stories I thought you’d find of interest: Real estate is spelled S-E-X in China. Vodafone…

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New Zealand Real Estate Agency Closes Physical Doors, Opens Up Online

A New Zealand real estate agency has closed the doors of its real-world office and opened up as a discount online…


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Turn your real estate podcasts into a more powerful marketing tool

After posting about why real estate podcasts can be a good idea on real estate agent websites, I want to follow…


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Webware 100 Announced

A few weeks ago the Webware 2008 100 winners were announced. These are the 100 top Web applications, 10 each in…

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Interest rates and crystal balls

As we all know, interest rates rose again for the 12th time and many of the banks are expected to increase…

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Are MyHome and Homehound merging?

There have been a few whispers circulating that MyHome and Homehound are about to merge or are at least in talks…

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The Property Manager finds a niche

All too often we see new real estate portals arrive, telling us just how amazing they are and extolling the evil…

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Getting sick of all of this nonsense!

New web based services are popping up all of the time, some with questionable business models and some legitimate. One I…

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2008 to do list

Here is a little to do list for 2008 for real estate agents. Just some things to think about. Resist Fee…

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REA Release locality guides have released a range of locality guides for suburbs across Australia. I watched a couple of these and my first…

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Luxury Homes Australia Launches

Okay, I hear you say not another bloody real estate site, and to be honest at first when I received the…

luxury homes

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Business2 a new Era

Welcome to the new website. I would like to thank Jen Germann – a designer I use for a great…


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Now this is what you call a Property Video!

Prop Vid (which has affiliations with REA) sent me a video last week of a shoot that they recently completed for…


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