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Will it ever end?

The Nationwide Real Estate Internet Portal Market will become overcrowded within 3 years and there is likely to be only one…

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Marketing your Website Online

You might be surprised to know that marketing your website online is the most effective to create online success.

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VOIP Wins Hottest Technology of 2004

Business 2 – Probably my favourite technology and business magazine (I also read Fast Company and WIRED), www.business2.com nominated Voice Over…

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Google Launches SMS Mobile Search

Google has launched a beta test version of Google SMS, a new service that lets users of wireless devices query Google…

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Goodbye Telstra?

With the Howard Government elected for a record fourth term and more than likely having control (or near) of the Senate…

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Jenman Jenman Jenman

Neil Jenman is passionate, he is also a smart cunning businessman. Take an Industry where eithics are questioned in some parts…

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Why WIMAX will change the way we Communicate?

Grab your laptop, mobile phone, pda, music player, camera, come to think of it any device will be connected. WIMAX is…

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New Real Estate Magazine for Sydney

Telstra through its Sensis arm are launching their own real estate magazine in the Sydney metropolitan area which will bring real…

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A big Hit!

One thing that frustrates me more than anything else is web site owners/operators stating the amount of “hits” they get in…

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Push to Talk

Imagine being able to push a button “walkie talkie” style on your mobile phone (or any other network connected phone for…

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Your Website

My passion is for Agents to take control of their website. Yes I do profit from this when an Agent uses…

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Serious Internet Business!

The Internet is big business and Internet revenues are underpinning the growth of some of the largest media players in our…

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Top Ten for Agents Control

What are the ten most important things to remember about a Real Estate Agent website?

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Brand Development

Developing a matching Internet brand strategy is one of the most important steps an agent can take to improving their online…

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Any web developer will do?

One thing is for certain agents need to understand the importance of their online brand. When agents source a print designer…

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Is Newspaper Advertising tiring?

After speaking with so many agents over the past few weeks it has been interesting to note the change in attitude…

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RFID’s any Future in Real Estate?

About: Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) are miniscule tags that can be as small as a grain of sand – can…

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Quality Content

In the future quality content will be the key differentiator for Real Estate Agents.

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WIMAX Coming our Way!

Well what is WIMAX? You may have heard of Wi-Fi hotspots jumping up all over the place at Airport, Coffee Houses,…

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