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Is your future as dark as theirs?

Will real estate agents in Australia go the way of those in China — where the number one portal is competing…

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Domain.com.au secures partnership with Telstra Media

Today, Domain.com.au announced they have entered into a joint online partnership with Telstra Media that will offer greater exposure to Domain…

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Domain’s mobile apps build traction

Last week Domain announced their mobile apps have surpassed 1 million downloads and that 36 per cent of all Domain.com.au enquiries…

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Real Estate Group Blocks Syndication to National Property Portals

Could you cancel your realestate.com.au and domain.com.au subscriptions in 2012? You would be forgiven for thinking real estate is all online…

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Is Domain threatening Competition within the real estate industry?

Changes to you Domain advertising rates: On December 15th. 2012 a Domain National Sales Manager wrote to PropertyNow (and presumably to…

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Domain’s real estate directory

Early last month Domain launched their real estate directory by adding an additional  “Directory” tab to their main navigation. The directory…

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iPad App Review – Domain Real Estate App

Domain last week released it’s first entry into the realm of iPad apps and it appears to be an awesome app…

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Project Rebellion: RPData in the Firing Line

As a followup to recent articles relating to the industry revolt and ACCC investigation into RealEstate.com.au, Australian Financial Review journalist Ben…

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Project Rebellion: REA’s Problems Continue with ACCC Investigation Underway

In a followup article to the Front Page Project Rebellion article, Ben Hurley from the Australian Financial Review has published a…

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Long Forgotten Internet History

I have just realised that tomorrow the 17th of Feb (or that could be today, or even yesterday, depending on when…

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Real Estate Online Statistics & Demographics – Portals

The Google Adplanner service allows advertisers more information on popular websites including demographic and traffic information.  Now whilst I don’t want…

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Realestateview.com.au wants to play with the big boys?

It seems that realestateview.com.au wants to play with the big boys and in doing so, will definitely come under the telescope…

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Domain.com.au Agrees to Upload Over 1700 Private Sellers in One Go

It will be very interesting to see how the real estate community reacts to domain.com.au’s decision to allow some 1739 Private…

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After it all settles down……

Anytime you get a press release from a company touting ‘a revolution’ in anything you can be pretty sure it is…

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So can Simon Baker’s Nestoria.com.au out-Google Google?

Simon Baker, the ex-CEO of REA has invested in bringing the Nestoria property portal to Australia. Nestoria.co.uk is the 4th most…

Domain.com.au, Google Real Estate, nestoria, nestoria.co.uk, nestoria.com.au, Realestate.com.au, Simon Baker

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Google Real Estate will force the portals to embrace, open and innovate or die!

Slowly but surely Google Real Estate is making inroads into the Australian real estate market with the recent signing of LJ…

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How REA buries agents in search results

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. People suspected of using it to manipulate search results are punished, often by their site being…

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Twitter Twits

When Twitter recently announced the ability to place all of your followers into lists I thought that they had struck a…

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Is a major realestate.com.au update on the cards?

Over the past few months it really seems like every week we are seeing a new feature or improvement being released…

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Real Estate Photos Being Altered But By Domain Not Open2View

On a slow news day late last month an eagle eye reporter of the Dominion Post newspaper in New Zealand reported…

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Australian Real Estate Brands Compared

Most major real estate groups will conduct regular brand surveys to gauge just how their brand is positioned into the marketplace….

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The Results Are In : Real Estate Portals Survey

The Australian Real Estate Portals Survey is now closed and the results are in.  Overall we had over 500 people who…

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Australian Real Estate Portals Survey

When the major real estate portals conduct their own client surveys the questions are obviously limited and never compare them openly…

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Google launches real estate map search Australia

At 3.00pm today Google launched their new real estate search mapping tool which allows real estate agents to publish their listings…

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