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Homehound launches “Home Style”

Today, Homehound launched “Home Style” which is an interactive gallery displaying images of ideas for home renovations. They have 10,000 + photographs…

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How to Improve Your Results on Google Real Estate

One of the big complaints by real estate agents when the Google Real Estate service started up was that the 2nd…

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Google, REA & Domain – What’s The Deal?

There’s been a lot of speculation about why REA & Domain haven’t uploaded listings onto Google Maps real estate search as…

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Google launches real estate map search Australia

At 3.00pm today Google launched their new real estate search mapping tool which allows real estate agents to publish their listings…

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Someone is Thinking Outside of the Hound Box!

This afternoon I was lucky enough to receive a press release from Homehound highlighting the recent updates they’ve made to their…

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Portals playing with fees?

Over the last few months it has become increasingly aware to me that Australia’s largest real estate portals are toying with…

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Whatever happened to?

We are all too busy looking forward that we sometimes forget to look back. I needed to find an old article…

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Are MyHome and Homehound merging?

There have been a few whispers circulating that MyHome and Homehound are about to merge or are at least in talks…

dave platter, Homehound, MyHome

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Whats Dumb? Homehound Google campaign!

It amazes me what people will do from time to time with their Google Adwords Marketing. However, this one from Homehound…

Google, Homehound

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Homehound re- launch

Homehound.com today relaunched a new site with a real Web 2.0 feel. I actually like many features of this site and…


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Back to school for new portals!

After reading the article in The Australian it may seem to be getting worse for MyHome as from what I have…

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National Residential Showdown 2006

Rating real estate portals can be a tricky thing but I think it is important for agent to know which ones…

Domain, Homehound, REA

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Homehound to offer Premium Listings

How inventive! Homehound are now offering Premium listings for $50.00. I have been saying for a while that these new sites…


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Who will challenge Realestate.com.au?

Realestate.com.au continue to dominate real estate portals in Australia. So much so now, if something does not happen quickly, it will…

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Home Hound Releases New Portal

Homehound – a Real Estate Portal owned and operated by the Courier Group of Newspapers and the who’s who of franchise…


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Homehound.com Review

Homehound (formerly property page) are one the latest entries into the market and yet another attempt by the major franchises to…


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Will it ever end?

The Nationwide Real Estate Internet Portal Market will become overcrowded within 3 years and there is likely to be only one…

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