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How to Improve Your Results on Google Real Estate

One of the big complaints by real estate agents when the Google Real Estate service started up was that the 2nd…

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Real Estate Photos Being Altered But By Domain Not Open2View

On a slow news day late last month an eagle eye reporter of the Dominion Post newspaper in New Zealand reported…

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Google Caffeine: The Winners and Losers

When Google releases new products or updates to existing products they usually do so with very little warning. One day it’s…

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Google, REA & Domain – What’s The Deal?

There’s been a lot of speculation about why REA & Domain haven’t uploaded listings onto Google Maps real estate search as…

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Dumb and Dumber Real Estate Awards 2008

Well what a year it has been, with just about every major company in the real estate and classifieds market vying…

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Smart marketing for the future!

The downturn the industry has endured over the past few years has been tough. However in these times the cream rises…

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Portals playing with fees?

Over the last few months it has become increasingly aware to me that Australia’s largest real estate portals are toying with…

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myhome Under Renovation!

In another post I was asked to comment about my thoughts on the recent article in the Australian Real Estate Bulletin  on myhome titled…

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Interview with Simon Baker

On Thursday evening I had a phone hookup with Simon Baker, former Managing Director of Realestate.com.au. We spoke about a range…

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Some Interesting Web Traffic Statistics

Google Trends has allowed users to compare the the number of searches for specific keywords. You could compare how popular searches…

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MyHome lives again!

Perhaps we were all a little hasty with the demise of MyHome. It was announced today that Shane Dale has taken…

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MyHome to close its doors

As reported in the weekend Financial Review it seems MyHome will be closing its doors at the end of the month….


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Are MyHome and Homehound merging?

There have been a few whispers circulating that MyHome and Homehound are about to merge or are at least in talks…

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REA Group announce increase in revenue and growth

The REA today released a massive increase in revenue (50%) and 68% EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation) for…

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Microsoft in bid to buy Yahoo

Microsoft got out the the moneybox this week with a bold AUD 50 billion bid for advertising giant Yahoo. What this…

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Dumb and Dumber Awards 2007

Every year since 2004 I have been adding my own dumb and dumber awards. Usually is it a hard slog getting…

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Some clearing up (updated)

A number of my readers have had some interesting conversations with sales people from a certain real estate portal (Not Domain…

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State of the Portals. Part Three – MyHome

Last week we took a look at Domain. Today we will take a look at MyHome.com.au Overview: MyHome was announced last…


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Portal Marketing and FREE portals!

It seems real estate portal marketing to agents these days is all about ……..well I really don’t know what is going…

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MyHome to begin charging on 31st of May

It seems MyHome are confident that they can now begin charging agents to list properties on their website. The charges will…


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Have MyHome got ‘MyTickets’ on themselves?

Thanks to one of my readers, but this one is quite funny. MyTickets.com.au (owned by Fairfax) would like to thank MyHome…

MyHome, MyTickets

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MyHome – In some ways, the hits just keep coming!

MyHome, a site just launched 45 days ago has hit troubled waters with unconfirmed rumours that at least one of the…


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Back to school for new portals!

After reading the article in The Australian it may seem to be getting worse for MyHome as from what I have…

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REA Hit Hard at MyHome

Recent comments by REA CEO Simon Baker to Neil Shoebridge try to demonstrate that REA are not atall concerned with MyHome’s…

MyHome, REA

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