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An Interesting article in the Australian today!

From the Australian: “A STOUSH has erupted between Australia’s largest real estate franchise and the new property sales web site myhome.com.au,…

James Packer, MyHome

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MyHome gets some upgrades

Thanks for the tip-off Leo. It seems MyHome has added a link to the Home Page now, they have also been…


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My Home TV Debuts

My Home TV aired this morning for the first time at 10.00am in all major Australian Capitals except Hobart – which…


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How MyHome can work…..

Let me make one thing clear from the outset. I am not really interested at all in deals done to other…


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My Home it is here – Oh Dear!

Well it is here and MyHome has launched to much fanfare and I am sure allot of backslapping, so what is…


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MyHome gets set for launch!

So here we go, apparently Monday is MyHome Day…..So what can we expect? I have as much of an idea as…


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New Portals need to have a good long hard look!

Having a small voice in the industry sometimes means having to listen to allot of guff from would be Internet Kings….

itorip, MyHome

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MyHome – sorta, kinda launched!

Well myhome.com.au has a sort of welcome page up. It must be the month of copying as realestate.com.au launched ‘REALabs’ a…


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Will MyHome be unique?

Many people are guessing about the myhome.com.au development and what difference it will bring to the market and I am going…


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Can Packer owned MyHome take a bite?

So it seems the PBL owned new real estate portal www.myhome.com.au will launch in January 2007, but more than likely they…


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PBL to launch an online real estate portal!

News has been rife this last week that PBL would be launching an online Real Estate Portal to rival realestate.com.au and…

MyHome, PBL

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PBL Your Move?

With PBL (think Kerry Packer) selling their shares in realestate.com.au one wonders their next move. That is if they still want…

MyHome, PBL

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