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The Tides of Change

When Einstein laid out the groundwork for Quantum Physics in the early 1900’s everyone was amazed at his theories, but soon…

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Beating realestate.com.au, and other fantasies

I’m talking to you. Yes, you. The person who thinks you will start an Australian real estate portal that will shoot…

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News Limited Now Using Google Real Estate Instead of Realestate.com.au?

Goldcoast.com.au part of the News Limited websites

Although the Gold Coast is not a capital city it is still the 6th largest city in Australia. The Gold Coast…

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Commercial News vs Public News

A war has erupted and it is being fought across the newspapers of the world and also in senate hearings. It…

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Rupert Murdoch Rants

Rupert Murdoch has been throwing off protectionist rants of late to pretty much anybody that will listen. On the one hand…

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Trading Post closes down print versions! Ron Walker saves Fairfax?

When Telstra paid AUD $636 million for he Trading Post in 2004 many questioned yet another wasted acquisition for the Telco…

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News Limited Billing Home Sellers Direct?

As a part of connecting with real estate agents the Gold Coast Bulletin recently invited Gold Coast agents from different real…

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Internet + Journalism will save newspapers?

Much has been written about newspapers and their demise. We have all read stories of how newspapers are bleeding all over…

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Whatever happened to?

We are all too busy looking forward that we sometimes forget to look back. I needed to find an old article…

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News Ltd Wraps up FPC

News Ltd seem to have reached an agreement with FPC Courier Group to purchase a very popular (with agents) Sydney Newspaper…

FPC, News Ltd

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News Ltd Newspapers Property Sections Rebranded as realestate.com.au

Well what a year so far – it seems that the ‘oneupmanship’ continues amongst the major players and now all News…

News Ltd, REA

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PBL and Fairfax ….News and Channel 10

With New Media ownership laws coming into effect soon, we will see a big change in the news landscape. Here are…

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News Ltd to take full control of realestate.com.au

News Corp earlier in the week put in a bold bid for the remaining shares(56%)of realestate.com.au. The big winners were PBL…

News Ltd, REA

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Think about this

Every year around July, major media companies increase their advertising fees, whether it be newspapers, radio or television.

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