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Beating realestate.com.au, and other fantasies

I’m talking to you. Yes, you. The person who thinks you will start an Australian real estate portal that will shoot…

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Commercial News vs Public News

A war has erupted and it is being fought across the newspapers of the world and also in senate hearings. It…

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News Limited Billing Home Sellers Direct?

As a part of connecting with real estate agents the Gold Coast Bulletin recently invited Gold Coast agents from different real…

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Internet + Journalism will save newspapers?

Much has been written about newspapers and their demise. We have all read stories of how newspapers are bleeding all over…

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5 things that will NOT happen in 2009

We all like to predict what will happen in 2009 but I think it is easier to predict what will not…

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Smart marketing for the future!

The downturn the industry has endured over the past few years has been tough. However in these times the cream rises…

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Marketing Real Estate: How much $ is enough?

How do you know how much to spend marketing real estate? Some interesting survey data that just became available should be…

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The printed newspaper, a thing of the past?

Newspapers seem to be taking hit after hit at the moment as “New Media” is constantly creeping into its traditional core…

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Money Down the Drain?

I very rarely throw out a Wentworth Courier Paper, even though I find newspapers increasingly frustrating to look at when searching…


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The Downturn Winners

Ok, unless you have been hiding under a rock recently you would have realised through the press that there is a…


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Blurring the News

Newspapers have been doing it for years and now it seems commercial TV is also joining in on the party! Australian…

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Tougher time for Agents = Better times for Papers = Time for Re-think

With a slight cooling off of the market, newspaper guides are full of properties available – often at great expense to…


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Newspapers Love Tough Times for Agents

Whenever there is a slowdown in the real estate market, newspapers lick their lips in anticipation of huge increases in revenues.


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Is Newspaper Advertising tiring?

After speaking with so many agents over the past few weeks it has been interesting to note the change in attitude…


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