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Judgement Day for Peter Mericka and Lawyers Real Estate

In a previous post I posed the question “Are Lawyers Real Estate Breaking The Law Or Not?”. Well, today Peter Mericka…

Consumer Affairs Victoria, Dr. Claire Noone, Lawyers Real Estate, Peter Mericka, Sifris J, SLOD.com.au, Supreme Court of Victoria

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You be the judge…are Lawyers Real Estate breaking the law or not?

As a licensed real estate agent within the state of NSW, if I was to open a business as Greg Vincent…

Lawyers Real Estate, Peter Mericka, REA Group, SLOD.com.au, www.realestate.com.au

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What would you do if you were Enzo Raimondo?

If you enjoy a high profile it’s inevitable that, at some point, someone’s going to want to take you down. Do…

Enzo Raimondo, Internet trolls, Neil Jenman, Peter Mericka

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