Why Movies are the Future for Agents

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Ok , there are not too many believers out there when it comes to property listing movies being downloaded by consumers, but my belief it will be the key differentiator for many top quality agents in the future and this is why.

1. Real Broadband
Over the coming months you will hear a lot more about ADSL2 and ADSL 2+. Both of these technologies are rolling out across Australia as I write this article and will give consumers downloads speeds of between 10 and 20 megabytes a second. The prices will be similar to current plans but with a significant increase in speeds.

2. Setting Up
Many top agents today release and distribute their own magazines across a selected area, this costs tens of thousands of dollars per year and is reasonably successful. However to set your agency up to do movies you only require:

1. Camera ($2,500.00 AUD)Good Quality Digital Camera with Good Quality Microphone.

2. Computer + Software ($1,000.00 AUD) An Apple Mini Computer (because they are just so easy to use and come with all the software you need to make top quality movies.
3. Talent ($???) Someone who looks professional and has good onscreen presence
4. Time ($???) Take the time to do the shoot, take it back to the office and put the package together. Overlay your welcome screen finish it off with a logo and sales consultants phone number and you are away!

I really can see this being the future. It cannot be poor quality so make sure the person doing this does a top notch job.

The main thing this will bring to your consultancy is a big differentiator and will show prospective vendors a real difference that they can see hear and feel!

Who will be the leader?

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