PBL and Fairfax ….News and Channel 10

With New Media ownership laws coming into effect soon, we will see a big change in the news landscape.

Here are some of my predictions……..
1. PBL will buy Fairfax (not the other way around) and will then hopefully do something about Domain.com.au and some other sites. Recently PBL sold their shares in Realestate.com.au and has no finger in the online real estate pie.

2. News Ltd will buy either Channel 7 or 10, which will give them a younger audience mix with their tired and declining newspapers. They will also take full control of Realestate.com.au at any price. This will give them a full suite of classifieds online and a great way to get these out to everyone.

It is pretty common knowledge that newspapers is a distant second to television for advertising purposes and this will give both Fairfax and News Ltd the valuable tie ins they need to keep their newspapers making money. (and possibly the only way)

This is where the wars will begin, TV shows/Newspapers tied in with online properties (jobs, cars and houses) all over the place. The upshot of all of this will be some real competition for realestate.com.au.

The downside is we will have to decimate further what is news and what is actually self promotion and will surely keep the industry ombudsman busy. The government needs to be very careful (and won’t be) how all of this ties in.

For agents, it will sadly mean ever increasing advertising fees for both realestate.com.au and domain.com.au

Watch this space….

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