Ask Peter – What is the state of the market in Hobart?

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Well this is not a field I have expertise in and as such I cannot offer advice that is worthwhile.

Unfortunately all of the property monitors (including magazines) do not offer Tasmanian statistics. However I can tell you that all over Australia and in most markets good properties always sell well.

However many vendors are still looking to make money on recent investments and this will not be the case for many people. Many people will simply have to take a hit on the sales price.

In the Tasmanian market there has been a few agencies close doors in the past few months and I think we will see more of this over the coming years across Australia and New Zealand. Why?

For one many agents who have not fully embraced the Internet will struggle . Yes – there are still some agents that do not even advertise properties online! Also some lavish agencies will be forced to close because they will be up against more nimble competitors, who do not have the same overheads.

So I cannot really answer your question, but I hope this gave you a little insight into what is happening in the marketplace today.

If you would like to research (pay) you could go to THEList run by the Tasmanian Government to find out recent sales prices.

Note: sold properties only appear 90 days after settlement)

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