The Current Housing Market, is it all Doom and Gloom?

There has been a lot of negative, conflicting media attention of late about the current real estate market in Australia and views seem to differ greatly depending on what branch of the tree they are sitting on… throwing those ripe pieces of fear to an already confused buying and selling market seems to work for them.

It has been a challenging year for most who work within the Australian property market, increases in lending and borrowing fuelled by the credit crunch plus our own inflation rate has had an impact but is it that bad and, where are we heading now?

Call me an optimist but I came across this piece of news which I believe presents a balanced (factual based) and not so negative take on where our property market is currently positioned and heading towards for 2009.

You are the best judge of your own market and your feedback is welcome:

Do you agree with the views of this video? What’s your take on your local market?

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One Response to The Current Housing Market, is it all Doom and Gloom?

  1. Mark Illingworth June 2, 2008 at 3:58 pm #

    Good article and yes was a balanced report. The clip said “somewhere between hot and cold” Mate let me tell you it is cold in Brisbane at the moment. May was a chiller. I think you will find if yu talk to any agent telling the truth, it is quiet out there. Stats tell us people are still looking but they are in wait and see mode.

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